New York City Fall Thrift Haul

Rifling through vintage bins in the five borrows sounds like a cheap clothing option, until you try to get on the plane. With an extra 20 pounds in your suitcase and 100 less dollars in your pocket. But I flew back to Iowa, a few pounds heavier, with a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces. Worth it. Advertisements

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Vintage Tassel Purse

I have a vintage shopping addiction, is there a patch or program for that?Through my vintage shopping adventures, I’ve found towns with populations of negative ten have the best stocked vintage shops. This has always seemed odd to me, but I’ve trapezed through enough teeny towns to know this is true. Today, on our way […]

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Statement Shoes

This season I am all about the statement shoe. In winter I cozy up in my sweaters, scarves, and beanies so I rely on my shoes to make my outfit. I trolled the internet for a bit and found a few of my favorites. Whether glitter, subtle patterns, flatforms–my personal favorite–or studs these shoes will […]

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twisted hair tutorial

In the fall and winter I always become super lazy. This is my favorite fall hair style. It appeases my lazy attitude, keeps my hair back, and still looks cute! Take a small amount of hair–about one inch–from the top of the crown. Then pull a small amount of hair from under that piece and twist […]

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