Winter Thrift Haul Video

Trends are cyclical, and as the ’90s and ’70s come to a rise in 2015, your local thrift store is an ode to those eras. It’s aisles are the ideal (and cheapest) hangout for the human who has no patience for the typical. Mix thrifted with modern pieces for a wardrobe no one can replicate.

I spent a good part of the New Year in typical fashion—rifling through the vintage bin. Click play to adventure through my closet and explore my winter thrift finds.


2 thoughts on “Winter Thrift Haul Video

  1. Love! the 70′ flare jeans. Would pair them with striped blouse, and the ski west.
    The “suede?” jacket, i think, would look cool if you cut All of the fabric hanging from the back of. Would accentuate shoulders and back.

    1. Thank you! I agree I think they would look so good with stripes. And I think that cut would really work, thanks for sharing your style vision!

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