The 5 Best Faux Fur Finds Under $70

This season with an array of fluorescent yellows and soft pinks, faux, for once, is fated to look fake. And I like the honesty of it. Recently my dad asked for my Christmas links (welcome to the 21st century), and I realized almost every other link was faux fur. Clearly this is excessive. But for every fashion minion who takes a knee and prays to the style gods (or Santa) for faux fur under her tree, there’s an elf on a budget. So, to help those poor elves I rounded up the five best faux furs under $70.

Faux from: Forever 21
Wear with: cigarette black jeans with torn out knees, patent black booties, and a band T-shirt—half tucked.

Faux from: Asos
Wear with: a thin, roll-neck cropped sweater, destroyed mom jeans, leather moto jacket and chunky, heeled booties.

Faux from:
Wear with: a grayscale outfit. Try a gray sweater crop top, matching gray pencil skirt, a bright yellow clutch and white chunky booties.

Faux from:
Wear with: lots of blacks and gray with a neon clutch or lip.

Faux from:
Wear with: tutu-esque midi skirt, mid-calf pointed booties, cropped sweater and a leather jacket.




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