Introducing Velvet: The Grunge Fashion and Music Publication

Before Velvet there was no print grunge fashion magazine. I thought this was grossly unfair to us ‘90s revival dressers — I was really into flannel at the time. So I created one. Came up with a business plan. Designed it. Unfortunately because of my McDonalds-for-lunch-and-dinner budget the only place I turned it in was for a grade. If Courtney Love pulls out her iconic white baby doll dress again, maybe I’ll ask her to invest.

FinalWardPrototypeReal-page-001FinalWardPrototypeReal-page-002FinalWardPrototypeReal-page-003FinalWardPrototypeReal-page-004 (1)FinalWardPrototypeReal-page-005 (1)FinalWardPrototypeReal-page-006FinalWardPrototypeReal-page-007FinalWardPrototypeReal-page-008FinalWardPrototypeReal-page-009FinalWardPrototypeReal-page-010FinalWardPrototypeReal-page-011


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