Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2015 at Paris Fashion Week

McQueen7Fashion minion’s eyes are trained on Japan this season. So it’s no surprise Sarah Burton, who has always designed ahead of the trend, channeled Asia’s power island in Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2015 line. McQueen’s models, laced in leather, look more like samurai queens than modern beauties. Perhaps the best accessory to the McQueen garment is a katana.

While no actual swords graced the runway, monastery-worthy Japanese music, and avant garde face frames carved out a strange place for this show — something that lives in the chaotic space between zen and kickass. But what is McQueen if not unparalleled at creating dark abnormalities out of the most basic of trends? Florals are sure to walk many runways this season. With every non-McQueen floral that flounces down the catwalk, Miranda Presley’s voice chirps in the back of my head, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”  But with mesh panels, feminine hues and kimono-like cuts, McQueen’s line is just that — groundbreaking.

In Japanese culture, honorable winners present orchids to their losing opponents. Oversized orchids not only adorned McQueen’s line, but bloomed on the runway. So other designers trying to make spring florals innovative, accept Burton’s flower. McQueen won this round.

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McQueen4McQueen 3 McQueen 10 McQueen McQueen2  McQueen5 McQueen6  McQueen8 McQueen9 McQueen11



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