Charles James at The Met

This summer, for the low, low price of whatever you wanted to donate and the judgement of the cashier  you could wander among Charles James’ collection of female-less feminine silhouettes a The Met. These dresses stood like statues.  An ode to a sartorial stature and attention to construction that gets lost in the day of fads and Forever 21. This is not throwaway fashion.

Which is why his collection, workroom notes and dress forms were showcased in The Met from May until August. If you missed the regal showcase, scroll on for the highlights.

IMG_6294IMG_6301IMG_6304   IMG_6297         IMG_6306  IMG_6308     IMG_6313    IMG_6317IMG_6319IMG_5526IMG_5535 IMG_5534IMG_5492IMG_5515IMG_5507IMG_5512IMG_5510IMG_5482IMG_5480IMG_5505IMG_5478IMG_5477IMG_6328IMG_5473IMG_5533 IMG_5532 IMG_5531IMG_6331IMG_6325IMG_6323IMG_6296


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