New York City Sartorial Stalking

In the lull after NYFW season, I thought it fitting to pay tribute to the most sartorially inclined city in North America. (Sorry LA). Traditionally called street style, as most of these shots involved following a well dressed person for some time before gathering the balls to ask them to pose, I’m deeming this post “Sartorial Stalking.” Because, well, taking a full frontal is nerve racking (even when the object of your lens is fully clothed).

centralparkstreetstyle.jpegnewyorkstreetstyle.jpegstreetstyle.jpegDSC_0856DSC_0926DSC_0937romperstreetstyle.jpegSkaterShoesStreetStyle.jpegDSC_0969 DSC_0688 DSC_0793 DSC_0803 shiftdressstreetstlye.jpegStreetStyle.jpegbrooklynstreetstlye.jpeg When I stopped Hannah (above) for a snap shot, she told me she was a fellow fashion blogger. I checked out her blog and fell in love. Click to scroll her looks.


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