5 Indie Designers You Should be Following on Instagram

Those of you who trapeze the boardwalk will find Kee Edwards’ Instagram account, @loupcharmant, familiar. For those of us who can’t get our vitamin D via white sand beaches, and have to deal with this thing called seasons, scroll Kee’s feed or online shop, Loup Charmant, for summer ambiance and style that occupies the space between concrete jungles and rising […]

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ootd: I Am Not Here For You

Humans of Brooklyn come in one of two breeds, those who live in Williamsburg. And those who don’t. If you’ve ever walked into Potter World or Wizard Quest from an overcrowded, tourist-filled street — that transportation of dimensions feeling — it’s comparable to boarding the L in Manhattan and exiting on Lorimer St. Like any good rabbit hole, it […]

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