Broke Fashion Minions, Meet this Week’s Best Satorial Sales

While I’m slumming it in New York this summer, meaning I’m over inspired and under fed, I refuse to starve for fashion. I want to have my cake and rock that Gypsy Warrior  Jacket too. And even if you intern for nit, have less cash than the roaches in your kitchen and survive on free break room coffee (I swear I’m not speaking from experience) with these deals this week’s sales are a poor fashion minion’s dream.  Jean Paul Gaultier once said, “grunge is nothing more than the way we dress when we have no money.” Meaning when you’re broke you have to get creative. You can’t hit Bergdorf’s and buy maniquin-made outfits. You have to mix and fuck matching. You have to love the wear and embrace the holes. You have to rock the upheaval.

fringe sale1.jpeg
Sabbath Moto Fringe JacketGypsy Warrior $130Skirtsale
Night Skyline of London Midi Skirt, Chicwish $43
sale eyeSequin Eye Tee, Romwe $19RiverIslandSale1.jpegAcid Washed Overalls, River Island $30

Balconette BraTopshop $20saleSlingback Leather Track Shoe, Zara $36


Love and empty pocketbooks,


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