ootd: Sunday ThriftDay

Inspired by the hordes of Brooklyn fashion minions rocking half-up topknots out last night, I had to dabble. I mixed this effortless style with simple high-waisted shorts, my fake Burks and open-backed nerd shirt in hopes of looking like I styled my hair like a goof on purpose (versus oops forgot to put the rest of my locks in the pony). As I rocked my too-simple straight locks for the too-cool Brooklyn bar scene, my hair envy was real as girl, after girl, after guy passed by in this hairdo. But more than that I couldn’t help but overlay the dj’s trap-meets alt tracks with Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “My anaconda don’t want none. Unless you’ve got buns, hon.”

For Sunday thrifting I just left my lips nude and winged out some orange Stilla eyeliner. For night I’d wave my hair and swipe on some black lipstick. Vamp in a bun, so unexpected.



Love and  Sir Mix-a-Lot,



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