ootd: Orange (lips) are the New Black

Orange is the new black, no not the Netflix phenomenon, the color trend. Okay, so I’m not giving in completely, hence the all-black ootd. But, my pout is full neon. Positively fluorescent orange. I know I talk a lot about not following trends blindly, but the bright orange look is so out of my comfort zone that I couldn’t not hit aisle six at my local Target and I could not not pick up NYX lipstick in Femme. Notice the orange polish? Yea proof that the comfort zone gives me the shakes. Maybe it’s time to accept that all black everything won’t make me look like a vampire princess and go for the brights. Probably not.

blackoutfitoftheday.jpegblackootd.jpegcroptop.jpegAlso… I was sent this hooded pillow today at work. Going to rock it on the subway.
photo (38)

Princess of darkness? Yea, definitely not.


Outfit of the day:
tote: H&M
“pajama” pants: H&M
fake Birkenstocks: Steve Madden
crop top: F21

Love and the newest trend: hooded blow up pillows,


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