New York OOTD (s)

Today was my first day interning for Good Housekeeping. Okay it was a few days ago. I’ve been slacking on writing this ootd. But upside, you get three looks for the post of one. With Soho (read: H&M) at my disposal shopping for my boss girl wardrobe did not completely massacre my grunge-girl soul—which is a first. Since I got to the city (a whole five days ago) I’ve had lots of firsts. First apartment I’ve found (successfully) on Craig’s List. First time meeting my random roommates. (They’re awesome—thank god.) First stroll through Central Park. First time I dropped my phone and fucked my LCD screen. Therefore first time navigating the subway sans Google Maps. First attempt at writing Street Style for First cockroach sighting (and killing). First time a rando proposed to me on the sidewalk, ring and all. So get ready for more office outfit of the days, everyday ootds and ramblings about the city. Cause this is summer in New York.

Not the best outfit pic, but look at that digitally enhanced sunset. #nofilter #justkidding

apor rub cupcakes—don’t knock it until you try it.

NewYorkOOTD.jpegWent to work in heels. Rookie mistake. Bought these as soon as I got off.

summerootd.jpegSecond day bathroom mirror pic, cause I have no friends.

Third day mirror pic in the Hearst elevator, does that make it a little more classy?

Love from New York,


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