Outfit of the Day: Leather Pants and Vans

Finally the fashion world has caught up with my obsession of slip-on canvas shoes. Not only do my old Vans fit the latest fashion craze, but they fit my habitually lazy morning routine. Even buckles and laces feel like too much at eight a.m. I paired the Vans with leather pants and an oversized sweater for two reasons: one, to make the beat up shoes work appropriate, two to dispel rumors that I’m a vampire. Too many black-on-black outfits get people talking.

And before you ask, yes I did match my eyeliner with my Vans.leatherpants

oversized sweater


shoes: Vans
leather pants: Topshop
oversized sweater: thrift
purple eyeliner: Urban Decay

I love pairing the ratty sneakers with the sleek leather pants. Next I want to juxtapose Vans with a fancy midi dress.   What are you excited to match with with your Vans?

Love and vampiric gossip,



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