Black Friday Shopping Inspiration YouTube Videos of the Week

If you’re looking for Black Friday inspiration these lovely guru’s hauls and monthly favorites will boost  your shopping list — and willpower to stand in line at five a.m. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage done to your wallet.

Bunny fancies fringe. Fringe everything. Her grunge meets Wild, Wild West style is odd in just the right way. And she does her hair like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Need I say more?

A sweet hat and username are not the only awesome assets of SecretLifeOfaBioNerd. With mad tips and inside info on the best Black Friday deals this video is perfect prep for batshit-serious shoppers.

Erica Fae’s style is downtown cool and sweater-weather cozy. She loves tea. And if you’re wondering about H&M’s makeup line, she has the answers.

On that note, please take care of each other this Black Friday. No sweater is worth your footprint on someone’s face.

Love and mad materialism,



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