Favorite Fashion and Beauty YouTube Videos of the Week

No site takes over my life like YouTube. Between living vicariously through guru’s beauty and fashion hauls to drawing inspiration from their outfit of the days, I spend  almost all my free time on the site. In case you don’t have umpteenth hours to sift through videos, I thought every Sunday (I know, I know it’s Monday.) I’d post a few of my favorites from the week.

I can’t believe I just found SoothingSista on YouTube. I mean, true I’ve been busy lately, but that is no excuse for taking up residence with Patrick Star. I’m glad I crawled out from under that rock. She thrifts. She has this tip about wearing stockings over tights for a no-slip style. It’s brilliant. Plus, she has sweet maroon tips.

Jenn is kind of my spirit animal. Mostly because she agrees that graphic tees can go formal. Take that lady who stares disapprovingly at my The Devil Wears Prada tee every time I pass her in the office.

Sarah likes the cure. She thrifted a homemade Harry Potter shirt. She matches her eyeshadow to her hair — her hair is purple. Also, she says things like “set buddies.”

And the rando:

Javier Perez’s En Puntas (‘On Points’) depicting a ballerina dancing in an empty theater. With red velvet seating, the desolate theater is strangely similar to the inside of a music box. Oh yea, and the ballerina has knives attached to her pointe shoes. It’s haunting and beautiful .

Love and YouTube Nerds,



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