Vintage Tassel Purse

I have a vintage shopping addiction, is there a patch or program for that?Through my vintage shopping adventures, I’ve found towns with populations of negative ten have the best stocked vintage shops. This has always seemed odd to me, but I’ve trapezed through enough teeny towns to know this is true. Today, on our way to an undisclosed city in Wisconsin for an end-of-summer camping trip (An hour away and I still don’t know the name, and the words cabin, shack and tents have been used interchangeably.) we drove through a cliche-small-town Main Street, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to scour for some serious vintage pieces. The first stop on my retro run held this gorgeous velvet tassel bag. I know what you’re thinking, velvet and tassels? That is the making of an 80s wet dream! I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I would model the vintage bag myself, but currently my gym shorts are way too sexy for the eyes of the Internet. Thank god this gorgeous beast stepped in for me.

Love and 80s style stiffs,


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