Wet n Wild Nail Polish Review


Nail polish junkies, prepare to bow to an unexpected brand — Wet n Wild.  I can’t speak for the colors, I have only tried Teal Slowly and See (I admit, the names could be better), but I’m “tealing” both thumbs off the the space bar, and putting them up for the Wild Shine Nail Color formula. I painted my toenails with this blue beaut, and rocked the polish at Warped Tour. The color held up chip-free through mad moshing, jumping and all-around foot torture that usually destroys my shoes and leaves my toenails bare. Oh, and did I mention this lasting lacquer is only 99 cents? I hope someone was there to catch you when you fainted.


I combined Wet n Wild’s color with Milani’s neon pink polish, and it looks like a unicorn vomed all over my nails — I love it.

For  info on Wet n Wild’s other colors check out the beautiful Fleur De Force’s review on a bright pink polish, and for more info on the higher-end Mega Last formula read Meg’s review.

Love and Unicorn Upchuck,



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