twisted hair tutorial

In the fall and winter I always become super lazy. This is my favorite fall hair style. It appeases my lazy attitude, keeps my hair back, and still looks cute!

Take a small amount of hair–about one inch–from the top of the crown. Then pull a small amount of hair from under that piece and twist it behind the first piece–french braid style.

Do the same on both sides of the part.Then connect them at the nape of your neck with an elastic. To form the messy bun bunch your hair in your hand and once it’s up to your bun standards pin the hair where your fingers are.

Don’t worry if it’s messy–worry if it’s not. Enjoy your new easy go-to hair style!

If  the messy bun is a bit too untidy for your style and you are looking for a more polished look check out The Thread Affects Braided Knot Bun. It’s flawless.

love and pretty messes,



2 thoughts on “twisted hair tutorial

  1. Rachel I absolutely love this twisted hair and messy bun! Love how it shows off the different highlights in your hair! I will definitely have to try it out very soon! Thanks for the shout out for my braided knot bun!

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