DIY circle scarf

As soon as I see more leaves on the ground than the trees I begin reaching for what I call “my chunky knits.” This year I have been obsessed with a specific type of knit–scarves. One problem, they are spensy! On my weekly trip to the thrift store I had a revelation– literally I think angels began to sing and a light bulb popped on over the right side of my head. “Why can’t one chunky knit become another!?” I thought. Sweaters are the same material and general feel of scarves. Now I just had to figure out the shape issue. Here’s my solution. Also, each solution only cost me $1.50– can’t beat that!

This first one is so easy– one picture, one step, one idea. Cut the oversized sweater or thermal just bellow the arms. Then scrunch, wrap, and wear!

Cut the sweater in 3 strips beginning right under the arms, also cut the bottom hem so it will be uniform with the rest of the edges.

Cut the seam of one side of each stip.


Use the extra fabric from an arm or the hem you cut off and tie the scarf at each end.

Wipe the perspiration off you forehead– actually if that caused you to work up a sweat you better get yourself checked out– that’s it, you are done! Think of all the different patterns, shapes, and colors of scarves you could make at such a low cost to your wallet and time–enjoy your new scarf wardrobe!

Love & chunkymonky knits


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