dye hair purple

Purple hair has been seen on celebraties such as Katy Perry and Selena Gomez. I will not lie, I love this trend. I made a deal with myself–when my roots were past that “crackhead look” I would finally dye my hair some unnatural–that never, ever, grew out of your scalp ever, color. However, I didn’t want that run-of-the-mill purple. I wanted indigo–light indigo.

What you will need: Colored hair dye of your choice, plastic wrap, red solo cup, conditioner, and a friend who’s willing to help.

Place equal parts conditioner and purple dye into the red solo cup. If you aren’t a poor college student who only has disposable red cups at the handy go ahead and use something more professional.

Use an inanimate object to stir the two together. Again, if you are higher up in this world you do not have to use a retired cat toy–retired cat toy is not necessary and will not give you any better results than say a mixer brush. I’m not kitten. Note: Mix the entire amount you wish to use on your hair.

Make sure to protect your clothes. My friends and I decided plastic wrap would be perfect for this step. If you have a smock go ahead and use that, but I promise–plastic wrap–it’s way more fun.

Now for the really fun part– have your recruitments start globbing it on. Make sure they cover every strand. Note: this dye will easily wash off face and hands with a little soap, but your eyebrows won’t recover so easily–protect them with your life!

Plastic wrap your head to keep the heat from your body in. The heat will add staying power to the dye.

Use a hair dryer to further ensure the staying power of the dye.

After about an hour (or less depending how dark you want the dye) insert your hair under cold water and rinse until their is no colored dye in the water. After wash and condition your hair like normal.

Love & Purple Hair!



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