leather, lace, and velvet

If you haven’t been able to tell I am big on mixing it up. One of my favorite ways to make an outfit more interesting is mixing textures.

Leather, velvet, and lace– these are my a few of my favorite textures to mix for fall because they have a colossal success rate at making an outfit feminine, chic, and tough.

The first outfit is perfect for a night out. Mixing a sheer black top with a leather jacket is a flirty play on textures. The dark colors on top really let the skirt–which has more color than I’m used to wearing in my entire outfit– shine.

The second outfit is the most casual and is great for class or a day out shopping. I love the velvet bow because it is a fun way to play with the fabric without going to gung-ho. The oxblood color of the bow is not only  huge for this fall/winter season but it adds a greatly needed pop of color and focal point to the outfit.

The third and final outfit is by far has the most classic feminine feel. It would be great for any special occasion or a fancy dinner.  The velvet band jacket gives this classic outfit a flare of quirky fun. Also I love using white lace this fall as winter white will be a huge color trend.

Love and Red Velvet (cupcakes)!



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