thrift dos and don’ts

I am the typical college student. Living out of a box–no, having to sacrifice on spensy habits I once-upon-a-(more financially stable)-time could afford. But, ahoy! I found a loophole: thrifting.

Why I adore thrifting– and why I dare you to try it!

1) Thrifting is my antidrug (and by drug I mean xanax). Usually I am not a super high-strung  person, but I am human, and I tend to stress about the little things like my future, grades, relationships, and family issues. Thrifting gives me a chance to get out, calm down, and enjoy my favorite hobby.

2) It is a guilt free shopping experience. One shirt at Forever 21: $20; one shirt at Goodwill: $3.49–if that. If you are already an avid thrifter like me, then you will gasp at the thought of a thrifted shirt at such prices. Don’t worry: Thrifting made me cheap, too.

RANDOM TIDBITS: So here’s a little tip– most Goodwills choose one tag color that is half off each day, and on the day of that tag color, I only buy what I like. I then remember the other items I enjoyed in different tag colors, and I’ll call in on subsequent days to ask which color is on sale that day. They rotate between four colors, so the color of your desired item should not be too hard to catch.

RANDOM TIDBITS: Also remember there are more thrift stores than the all mighty Goodwill. The Salvation Army’s items are generally half the price of Goodwill’s and they do half off the whole store sales regularly.

3) It gives you a unique edge. Shopping thrift is almost like a no-fail guarantee that you will not see anyone walking down the street with the same outfit as you–mostly because you are wearing someone’s dead aunt’s, cat’s, grandma’s, nephew’s, ex-girlfriend’s party cardi, and they are wearing the same top everyone else has from Brandy Melville.

Through the Rabbit Hole! (link to my filmed thrifting hauls):

Love & Undead Grandmothers!



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